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1. "Swipe" the HTML code from one of the text boxes below and paste it into your links page.  You can also create your own link and link to any page on this site. Please accept our special thanks if you use your own link.
2. Complete the form at the bottom of this page. This will allow us to include your link on our /partners/ page.
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P.S.  By searching for other websites with an "ADD URL" page, you can SUBSTANTIALLY compound the traffic to your site!

Additional Hints:  If you want to replace the previous listing, simply resubmit it . Enter the word "delete" in the name and description field if you no longer want to be listed here.

You'll receive an email when your site has been added, changed or deleted.  Usually, this will happen within 3 business days. Many thanks in advance for adding our link to your website.

Use the most important keyword for your URL in the preferred anchor text.  This will mean that your URL will get ranked better for that keyword.

Request:  Please consider all the examples below, not just the first one.  Search engines like to see the anchor text varied.  Of course, you can also make up your own variation.

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